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No rules here.

Pair a designer sofa with a thrift store coffee table?

Why not?

Fabulous is fabulous no matter where it comes from.

My super power is making something from nothing.


I upcyle, recycle, rearrange, re-purpose, add a little here, take away a little there until you are in love with your space again.

Ok, one rule...


"Never Pay Retail"


Vacation Home Redesign Packages

Outdoor Staging for Resale

Real Estate Photography

Redesign for Resale

Retail Redesign


Art Leasing

Set Dressing

"I have worked with Carolyn several times to create affordable vacation dream homes. Her finished projects never cease to amaze me. She has the ability to create any atmosphere within the given budget - brilliant!"


Jana Tull

"Sea Tulls" Topsail Island, NC

I'm going to make everything around me beautiful.

That will be my life.

Elsie deWolfe

I have worked with Carolyn with my production company on several projects. Her work as a set designer was far beyond my expectations. Her art work has also graced the sets of music videos produced by TVI Video & Stills. I appreciate her creativity and professionalism.


Beverly Judge

filmmaker at TVI Video Production


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